Tradewind Voyages

Tradewind Voyages operates the world’s largest square rigged sailing vessel, Golden horizon. She is a five masted barque and near replica of France II, a 1913-built ocean vessel designed to carry bulk cargo.

Golden Horizon is a five-masted barque, designed and built to meet the latest stringent regulation. We attract like minded adventure seekers to sail, giving them the opportunity to connect with the elements of the natural world.

We believe ocean voyages should be powered by nature. That’s why we intend to sail without using propulsion engines for around 70% of each season – making for a true sailing experience.

Our philosophy is to sail as much as possible, allowing guests to connect with the elements in a way that is different from any other cruise ship of this size. Each of our voyages takes guests to iconic destinations and unique ports of the world, including small bays and beaches in between port calls. Guests have the freedom to explore ashore or remain on board and use the ship as a wellbeing destination – taking advantage of the luxurious facilities and activities on offer.

Our voyage planning starts with a review of the prevailing winds, currents, weather conditions in whichever region of the world the ship is located. From this we determine the general direction of travel, ensuring we follow the winds and currents for the majority of the time, in order to capitalise on the ships excellent sailing credentials. We then week out the most iconic destinations and remote beaches and plot our course. Inevitably this process guides us round the world in a different way, frequently following the traditional tall ship routes made famous by the intrepid merchants of the past.

With a team, both onboard and ashore all dedicated to the same values, acting as one to ensure every guests’ journey is unforgettable, seamless and enjoyable. Their stunning ship, Golden Horizon offers the highest standard of dining, accommodation and entertainment combined with a onboard atmosphere that is casual, relaxed, elegant and informal – there is no enforced charge for gratuities as Tradewind Voyages always offers the best levels of service at every touch point.