Luxury Cruising

Luxury Cruising is a very special experience. Ships are smaller and more intimate, meaning there is a fine intricacy when it comes to the ship’s design and standard of both service and food. Due to their smaller size, they are also able to sail into ports that other cruise lines can’t, and dock in the heart of destinations, rather than having guests access them by tender.

All of our featured operators have a fleet of small to medium sized ships, with a capacity for less than 1,000 guests. To put this into perspective; some ocean cruises can accommodate up to 7,000 guests on board! So, in comparison, it is a far more intimate experience.

Fewer guests also means that service is personalised, with staff really getting to know you and what you like. Entertainment is often quite low key but of a very high standard, and the culinary calibre is exceptional. If you love your food, or if you’re keen on trying new things, you will not be disappointed on board a luxury liner – there are options to delight every palette and preference.

Another illuminating element of this type of holiday is the cultural exposure – both on and off board. Lectures and seminars, lead by various guest speakers, are included within your voyage to enhance your experience of the regions you are visiting. They often compliment excursions that are available and are a great way of enabling you insight into the traditions and culture of a region before physically immersing yourself within them.

In addition to the culinary and cultural delights, many of the luxury cruise lines offer suites as standard, which often include 24/7 in-suite butler service. Most ships of this standard are all-inclusive, so all drinks, food (including speciality restaurants), gratuities and sometimes excursions are part of the package.

Whether you’re a solo traveller or planning a family getaway, this type of cruising provides a beautiful combination of authentic cultural experience and uniquely luxurious surroundings. With so many fascinating itineraries on offer and such a phenomenal fleet of luxury ships to consider, we’re here to help you discover your perfect…